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Renovating pressure pipes using the CIPP process

The cured-in-place pipe process has been used since the early 1970s to renovate deteriorated pipelines. The process was first developed for gravity pipelines and has found some limited applications in renovating pressure pipelines.

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Resinas isoftalicas CoREZYN® resistentes a la corrosion

Describe las resinas más communes, sus propriedades fiscias y una guia de aplicaciones para corrosión de la A hasta la Z.

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Resinas Vinil ester CoREZYN®

Una explicación comprensible de los productos vinil ester CoREZYN, su comportamiento fisico y otros datos téchnicos. 

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The Highest Reputation for Quality, Innovation and Service.

Only a leader can offer cutting-edge capabilities that help you succeed with higher quality, better performance and greater profitability.

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The Right Chemistry

How are these resins designed? What makes them so special? Find out all you need to know.

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