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Integrity® Brand High Performance Gel Coat


Integrity Gel CoatIntegrity high performance gel coat was developed for use above and below the waterline in marine applications. It entered the marketplace in 2011 with outstanding product characteristics and unsurpassed reliability. It has a beautiful finish with rich deep colors and outstanding weathering. Integrity stands for consistent quality and color from batch-to-batch giving our customers superior application and repair performance.

The Integrity gel coat brand adds value to manufacturing processes by providing exceptional product characteristics such as ease of spray-up, resistant to sagging and porosity, and quality patch and repair. These gel coats are formulated with high-performance polymers, fillers and light stabilizers for excellent UV-resistance, color and gloss retention, water resistance, and crack resistance. Integrity gel coat meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards for composites manufacturing.