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Gel Coats Specialty Products

GelCoat Specialty

Our specialty products have been widely accepted for their performance, durability, and application properties. Specialty gel coats are used in the marine, transportation, and sanitary markets.

CoREZYN® Patch Aid

C-100-VUU Patch Aid C-100-VUU is patching solution with a specially formulated resin system designed specifically for repair of fiberglass parts. It promotes the cure of a sprayed gel coat patch to minimize halo effects and color change and improve the final patch appearance. It can reduce the amount of time required to sand the patch. C-100-VUU is designed to be mixed with gel coat. The optimum ratio is 80 parts of gel coat to 20 parts of patch aid.

CoREZYN Wax Solution

COR50-DB-001: Wax Solution

COR50-DB-001 is a wax-based, tack-free additive for use in polyester resins and gel coats. It is used to obtain tack-free surfaces. COR50-DB-001 is not recommended for use with vinyl ester resins. This additive will affect adhesion and secondary bonding. Do not try to bond to a surface made from a resin or gel coat solution with wax additive unless the surface is properly prepared. The wax layer on the surface should be removed by sanding or grinding and the dust removed.

CSA Approved General Purpose Gel Coat

W-419-LUU/CSA: White CSA

Our low VOC gel coat (containing at least 10.0% Titanium Dioxide) with a specially formulated resin system designed specifically for tub and shower applications. This product is designed to yield a good surface finish that is resistant to water, common household chemicals and loss of gloss. This product meets Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standard B45.5-99 requirements and eligible to bear CSA monogram. This gel coat meets MACT Standard, EPA 40 CFR Part 63 requirements of the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Reinforced Plastic Composite Production, of a maximum of 30% for white gel coat and Southern California's South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) Rule 1162 of a maximum of 30% of monomer for white and off white gel coat.

FDA Approved General Purpose Gel Coat

W-738P-IDM: White FDA/USDA

This is our white general purpose isophthalic gel coat specially formulated to comply with FDA requirements for direct surface food contact as prescribed in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) publication 21 CFR. This product can be used for manufacturing fiberglass reinforced parts intended for use with potable water.* W-738P-IDM Provides an excellent surface finish that is resistant to water, household chemicals, and loss of gloss. This gel coat can be used as a white tinting base.

* Each part, component or product must be certified by NSF to ensure the NSF standard compliance and be eligible to bear the NSF Mark.

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