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Pigment Grinding Vehicle

Silmar® brand SIL10 polyester resins are specially designed for pigment dispersion "grinding vehicle". They are designed to be compatible with the other ingredients in the final formulation; they have consistent rheological properties and consistent color. Resins in this application often need to be low color, have low or high reactivity, and come in a range of viscositie.


An unsaturated liquid alkyd that contains no monomer, this grinding vehicle is used for polyester compatible pigments in a variety of applications. The resin is unpromoted and has a moderate viscosity.


An unsaturated polyester alkyd that contains no styrene, this resin is an excellent grinding vehicle for pigment used in high performance gel coats.


SIL10DZ-1252 is a pigment loadings. This resin is unpromoted and contains no monomer.