Resin Wizard®

Resin Wizard was designed to make general recommendations for Interplastic’s CoREZYN® brand vinyl ester, modified vinyl ester and isophthalic corrosion resistant resins based on specific inputs from you.

It is simple to use; just type in the information requested and either press enter or click on search. You must always enter the chemical/environment but the maximum concentration and maximum temperature are optional. Your results become more specific with each piece of additional information you give. You may also scroll through the database alphabetically by typing the alphabet and by pressing enter or clicking on search. Partial word searches are possible.

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Max. Concentration By Weight
Max. Temp. of Exposure:


  Conc. - Concentrated
  Sat'd. - Saturated
  NR - Not Recommend
  -- No Data Available on Chemical/Environment
  1 - BPO/DMA Cure Recommended
  2 - Synthetic Veil Recommended
  3 - C-Glass Recommended
  4 - Post-Cure Recommended
  5 - Consult Laboratory for Specific Recommendation
All services within 20° F/11° C maximum service temperature should be post-cured to ensure a long service life.

All specifications and properties specified are approximate. Specifications and properties of material delivered may vary slightly from those given within. Interplastic Corporation makes no representations of fact regarding the material except those specified within. No person has any authority to bind Interplastic Corporation to any representation except those specified within. Final determination of the suitability of the material for the use contemplated is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Sales representatives will assist in developing procedures to fit individual requirements.