Environmental Policy

Interplastic Corporation manufactures products that fulfill the requirements of our customers, taking in consideration the following environmental policies in the Environmental Management System:

  • Prevention of pollution and reduce consumption of resources through policies and programs.
  • Meet compliance obligations of relevant interested parties.
  • Minimize adverse environmental impact from the materials used and activities to manufacture and deliver products.
  • Reduce waste with reuse, recovery and recycling.
  • Establish objectives for continual improvement of environmental performance and the Environmental Management System.

Interplastic Corporation manufacturing is ISO 14001:2015 registered by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc.

ISO 14001:2015 is a global standard for environmental management systems. It requires the establishment of a system to help organizations take a more pro-active approach to managing environmental issues. The standard requires companies to monitor actions that impact the environment and document programs that include the training of employees on regulations and work practices to minimize the potential for an environmental incident. As with ISO 9001:2015, companies certified under ISO 14001:2015 are subject to an outside audit on a regular frequency to ensure the continuing conformance with the requirements of the standard. ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. provides the certification for Interplastic Corporation facilities.

The scope of the environmental management system at each Interplastic Corporation manufacturing facility was determined considering the company’s ability to control or influence internal and external issues, compliance obligations, physical boundaries, activities, products, and services. The scope will be made available to interested parties upon request by each facility.