At Interplastic, sustainability is at the core of our creative process. We are committed to deliver products that benefit our planet and our stakeholders. Those stakeholders include:

  • Our customers
  • The communities in which we operate
  • Our employees
  • Our owners

Sustainability at Interplastic has many forms and is demonstrated on many fronts:

Our Products

Chemistries utilizing renewable or recycled content give our customers choices as to how they too wish to participate in preserving a sustainable planet. Renewable materials are transparently interchangeable with their fossil fuel counterparts. Products with recycled content not only improve our carbon footprint but in some cases, deliver unique properties. Learn more about these products in the green resins section of our website.

Our Operations

We are careful custodians of the earth’s resources whether in the form of materials, energy or environment. Waste management initiatives are established to push continuous improvement in our operations:

  • Advanced automation not only controls but monitors our manufacturing process to minimize environmental impact. Our engineers constantly seek to determine the most effective manufacturing methods to minimize energy consumption while at the same time maximize yield, thereby reducing byproducts and waste.
  • Thermal oxidizers and other environmental controls operate at a destruction efficiency of 99.99%  to protect the atmosphere and the communities in which we operate.
  • Process improvement methods such as Lean Manufacturing and statistical process control allow us to further trim wasteful effort and scrap.
  • The same is true for packaging as we seek to use recycled or reclaimed containers whenever possible. Better yet is to convert materials to bulk storage methods and eliminate consumable packaging altogether. Through innovation and intelligent management, we have reduced our dependence on standard steel drums by over 50%!


All of our sites are certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard for environmental management by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. Independent auditors from ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. conduct audits for conformance to sound environmental management methods and the positive results from maintaining an effective environmental management system.

Regulatory Compliance

In addition to our ISO 14001 registration, we self inspect and audit every site annually to ensure all processes are meeting or exceeding our regulatory commitments. We enjoy healthy and cooperative relationships with state and federal entities in every state we operate.

In short, sustainability at Interplastic just makes good business sense!