Our pultrusion lab and highly capable technical staff are available to develop new formulas or apply an existing formula to give you predictable results. The right resin helps ensure a smooth process and a resulting product that meets your specifications. That’s why we’ve formulated a broad range of resins specifically for the pultrusion market.

We can provide you with the right ready-to-use vinyl ester and polyester resins for nearly any pultrusion process, engineering requirement or end-use application. Whether you require high glass content, a fillable formula, a fast line speed, high reactivity, fatigue resistance, fire resistance or good pot life, we have a product for you. We can also custom-formulate a solution for your unique challenges.

Choose one of our CoREZYN® brand bisphenol-A epichlorohydrin-based vinyl esters such as the VE8180, or one of our fire resistant VE8442, or high crosslink density VE8772 formulas for your next pultrusion project.

We also offer a wide variety of isophthalic (COR30-DZ-210), terephthalic (COR31-DA-470), propylene glycol-maleate (COR31-DA-208) and other high crosslink density formulas.

Since most of the applications and processes in this market segment are very unique, please contact us so that we can customize a resin for you.

COR31-DA-470 is a non-promoted, medium to high reactivity, unsaturated polyester resin. This resin produces pultruded parts of exceptionally high strength.

This product is a resilient, non-promoted, medium to high reactivity, isophthalic, unsaturated polyester resin. This resin is specifically designed for pultrusion processes. It exhibits low water absorption, good flexural modulus retention in low grade corrosive media, quick reactivity for fast line speeds, and excellent glass wet-out.

A non-promoted, medium reactivity, isophthalic, chemical resistant, unsaturated polyester resin, this resin is specifically designed for pultrusion processes. It exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability, low water absorption, and excellent flexural modulus retention in corrosive media.

CORVE8442 is a low viscosity, medium reactivity, medium line speed, corrosion resistant, fire resistant (ASTM E-84 flame spread of >75 as is and <25 with 1.5% Antimony Terioxide on a panel with a resin content of 67% and a ASTM E-84 flame spread rating of <25 on a panel with a resin content of 30%), vinyl ester resin.

This is a medium viscosity, medium reactivity, corrosion resistant, medium line speed, vinyl ester resin.

COVE8182 is a low viscosity version of CORVE8180 vinyl ester resin.