Architectural/Theme Park

Our architectural/Theme Park resins provide the best balance between flame retardancy, smoke generation and processibility to meet the needs of all applications.




CoREZYN brand sanitary ware/bath resins are designed for filled applications in a variety of gel and cure times to meet every need. Pool and Spa are typically a combination of different products.



Whether you’re a municipal professional, an engineer or a CIPP contractor, Interplastic is dedicated to providing you with innovative solutions, a broad product line and support from expert field specialists. Expect consistent, competitively priced, and reliable resins to repair partially or fully deteriorated storm sewer, sewer, culvert and industrial pipes.


Corrosion/Fire Retardant

CoREZYN brand corrosion and fire retardant resins offer a broad range of product types to meet every need.




Our line of marine resins provide excellent surface finish, water resistance and ease of use no matter which process you use. Our off the shelf products provide fast fill, flexible gel times and great cosmetics for infusion or hand layup. We can customize the right product for your application.



Our series of infusion and pultrusion resins are ideal for infusing even 40 foot or longer bridge pilings or pultruding FRP rebar. These resins are customized for each application.




Silmar pioneered marble casting resins and they deliver the strength, durability and beauty needed in cultured marble and onyx products. Silmar brand resins have been the product of choice to the solid surface industry for over 40 years. Our casting labs developed cutting edge polymer technology in collaboration with industry leaders, fine tune our products to meet the exacting demands of surfacing products.



Silmar® brand SIL66 resins are the most widely used resin for surfboard manufacturing and hand laminating in the industry. In fact, they are sold throughout the world.




Our R&D team has developed hand lay-up, spray up and infusion resins to meet the demanding needs of the transportation market. Be it a tough infusion resin capable of the demands of public transportation or the need for flame retardant, low smoke applications. Our team has or can develop the right resin for you.


Wind Energy

Wind energy is a clean energy source; it’s renewable and makes a smaller impact on our environment. Interplastic is a major supplier to the wind energy industry. High performance infusion resins, bonding resins and gel coats are available.