Open Mold/Laminating

CoREZYN brand open mold/laminating resins are offered in a wide range of gel and cure time offerings for all types of open mold and laminating applications.

DCPD Laminating Resins

This is a marine grade, low profile, low shrink, unsaturated polyester laminating resin designed for use in the production of boats, canoes, recreational vehicles (RVs), and general fiberglass parts. It meets the EPA 40 CFR Part 63 Volume 66, No. 163 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for boat manufacturing requirement of maximum 35% HAP content (styrene). Designed to work for long demold times. COR61-AA-340 is the basis of several products of this type for the marine and general composite industry.

COR61-AA-545 is a general purpose, low laminate exotherm resin designed for use in the manufacture of recreational vehicle bodies, running boards, and other non-marine applications. This resin contains less than 35% styrene by weight, which meets most low VOC requirements.

Ortho Laminating Resins

65-AA-115 is a low exotherm, marine grade unsaturated polyester laminating resin designed for use in medium to thick laminates such as boat hulls and decks. This product provides excellent wet-out, drainage resistance, a long trim time window, and excellent impact resistance.

SIL65AA-895 is an unsaturated polyester laminating resin used in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced composites. This resin has low exotherm, ideal for thick laminates, with excellent wet-out and drainage resistance, long trim time, and excellent impact resistance.