Our series of infusion and pultrusion resins are ideal for infusing even 40 foot or longer bridge pilings or pultruding FRP rebar. These resins are customized for each application.

This line of vinyl ester resins are lower intrinsic viscosity versions of the CORVE8300 series, corrosion resistant vinyl ester resins for use in centrifugal casting, pultrusion, vacuum infusion, and RTM applications, and are well suited for use in fabricating tanks, pipe and process equipment, as well as other applications. When cured, they exhibit physical properties similar to the CORVE8300 line. CORVE8100-50 is our workhorse product. It is a nonpromoted, low viscosity, corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin for use in vacuum infusion and RTM applications. CORVE8100-50 is manufactured from ingredients listed as acceptable in the FDA Code of Federal Regulation Title 21, CFR 177.2420. This resin may be safely used as a component of articles intended for single or repeated use in contact with food as prescribed in the regulation.

Since most of the applications and processes in this market segment are very unique, please contact us so that we can customize a resin for you.