Our line of marine resins provide excellent surface finish, water resistance and ease of use no matter which process you use. Our off the shelf products provide fast fill, flexible gel times and great cosmetics for infusion or hand layup. We can customize the right product for your application.

Low HAP, MACT Compliant Series

MVR8039 is a promoted, thixotropic, modified vinyl ester resin. It is designed for marine laminate construction where optimum physical properties, hydrolytic stability, and surface characteristic retention are desired. This product has been evaluated for blistering of gel-coated panels exposed to boiling water. These panels typically withstand 150-170 hours of boiling water immersion before any signs of blistering occur. It contains less than 35% sytrene (HAP) and is our workhorse MVR marine laminating and tooling resin.


Open Molding

CORVE8440B (unpromoted) and CORVE8441B (prepromoted) are thixotropic corrosion resistant, fire-retardant  resins that meet the Flame Grade A, Physicals Grade A and Electrical Class O requirements of MIL-R-21607E and are on the QPL-21607-29 list. These products also meet the Grade B and Class 1 and Class 2 requirements of MIL-R- 24719 (SH).

This extremely tough thixotropic line of vinyl esters is specially formulated for spray-up and hand lay-up requirements. These resins are designed to be easily worked with minimal drain-off, making them ideal for large vertical applications like boat hulls and swimming pool walls. These resins come in several different viscosities and gel times such as 8123 (32-37 min) and 8129 (35-45 min).