Advanced Marine Coatings with CoCure Technology Wins the 2018 IBEX Innovation Award (10/10/2018)



Advanced Marine Coatings with CoCure Technology Wins the 2018 IBEX Innovation Award

Structural Composites Inc is pleased to announce that Advanced Marine Coatings (AMC) with CoCure Technology has won the 2018 IBEX Innovation Award for Boat Building Materials. The entry featured a new US Navy SBIR Phase III – 9M EOD Advanced Combatant Craft that uses the new advanced coating as a commercial formulation.

In partnership with Interplastic Corporation CoCure AMC is now moving from the commercial transportation market and DOD market into the marine and RV markets. By combining polyurethane technology with polyester technology these new coatings provide user defined crack resistance and greatly enhanced weathering that is not possible with today’s conventional gel coats.

Scott Lewit President of Structural Composites says “Interplastic was able to advance our CoCure invention beyond our expectations. We loved the ability to ‘strain tune’ and adjust the elongation of the material as needed on a part, but we had no expectation that it would have a doubling in gloss and color retention and a huge improvement in abrasion resistance. Even better in our technical session at IBEX, Interplastic revealed new formulations in testing for the RV market that offer up to three times the weathering performance of todays’ polyester gel coats. This is very exciting as with these advanced coatings we can improve durability and lightweight existing products while simultaneously opening opportunities for composites in new markets all with a low HAP material!”.

Harry Certain Interplastic Product Manager says “The technology is changing the landscape of the composite market, providing better performing products for conventional markets, and opening doors to new ones. The innovative vision Scott and his team at Structural Composites have will impact resin chemistry for years to come. We are proud to be a part of it.”

Both companies will be displaying the technology at CAMX in Dallas, TX October 16-18, 2018. A technical educational session will be held at CAMX. CoCure is featured on the CAMX Award Finalist: The Future of Transportation- US Navy 7M advanced Combatant Craft. This is the team result of DOD and industry innovators collaborating in design, materials, electronics and marine propulsion into an advanced highly capable platform for our warfighters.