Interplastic Corporation Announces New Patented Product ONEstep (02/11/2019)



Jason Schiro, Business Manager – Pipeline Remediation Polymers, announced today that Interplastic Corporation has been granted a patent for their new commercially available ONEstep CIPP resin system. This patented system (US Patent 10,131,766) is designed to be a simpler, safer process for initiating a Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) resin.

Interplastic’s ONEstep product offers the benefit of using a single, liquid initiator. The system provides mechanical properties, cure, pot life and corrosion resistance comparable to currently available CIPP resins. ONEstep is available with several different resin formulations, both neat and enhanced. “We believe these systems will help develop and innovate the CIPP market. We are excited about ONEstep, it’s truly a unique offering that can change the path of CIPP lining”, said Jason Schiro. “We have already supplied over one million pounds to the CIPP market which has been installed throughout a wide environment from South America to Alaska in liners from 8” to 36” in diameter.”

ONEstep offers great benefits such as; easier introduction of initiator to resin, minimizing mixing problems and reduced initiator use, energy cost savings, labor savings, and safety.