Fiberglass Hawaii, Inc.

Fiberglass Hawaii, Inc. was established in 1966. Based in Honolulu, there also are branches in Maui, and Wahiawa in Hawaii and Ventura and Los Angeles in California. Fiberglass Hawaii is a worldwide supplier of resin and accessories to the surfing and windsurfing industries, as well as a full-line distributor of raw materials and equipment to the marine, industrial, cultured marble and fishing rod and lure markets.

A line of repackaged fiberglass and resins is supplied to all hardware and hobby stores in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. Fiberglass Hawaii prides itself on being recognized as an authority and innovator for fabrics and resins – both polyester and epoxy systems – for the sports of surfing and windsurfing.

Contact their offices for more information:

Ted Wilson, President
Fiberglass Hawaii,Inc.
1377 Colburn Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
PH: 808/847-3951
Fax: 808/841-2108