These resins are generally unique to each application. Please contact us to develop a resin to meet your needs.

This is a nonpromoted, fire retardant vinyl ester resin for use in the manufacture of fiberglass parts with excellent dimensional stability that meets the transportation applications fire and smoke requirements. A fiberglass reinforced panel with 60-70% reinforcement by weight will have an ASTM E162 flame spread rating of less than 25 and ASTM E662 smoke density of less than 200 after 4 minutes in the flaming mode. CORVE8430 is a spray up resin. while CORVE8434 is formulated for infusion applications.

A promoted, non-thixotropic, vinyl ester/polyester resin blend, MVR8071 is designed for the fabrication of large parts using the vacuum infusion process (VIP). It is our workhorse marine infusion resin that provides fast fill times and excellent cosmetics.

MVR8015 is a modified vinyl ester resin for vacuum bagging, infusion and other high toughness applications. It is available unpromoted  and pre-promoted.