Resiglass (PTY) LTD

Fibre-Wound’s reputation is based on its many years of proven design and engineering expertise, corrosion problem-solving abilities and installation of non-metallic, polymeric and composite materials, products and equipment in the petrochemical, pulp/paper, chlor-alkali, precious metals refining, minerals and metals beneficiation, power generation, water and effluent treatment and allied type industries. Our abilities include:

  • Underground applications incorporating corrosion-resistant cooling piping for sea water intakes, plant surface spillage and contaminated water drainage piping.
  • High pressure fire mains, corrosion resistant linings to sumps, chambers and collection pits.
  • Surface linings and protective coatings to concrete flooring, bunds, plinths and equipment bases.
  • Liquids and gas pressure vessels and storage tanks.
  • Custom designed and fabricated plant and equipment.
  • Piping, ducting, fans, pumps, valves fittings and in-line piping accessories.
  • Gas scrubbing and cleaning systems, liquid filters, mist eliminators and strainers.

A variety of reinforced plastics processes are used by the manufacturers of these products, including gelcoating and laminating, hand lay-up, spray lay-up, filament winding, centrifugal casting and pultrusion. The type of product determines the choice of production method, and a considerable investment has been made in developing the skills to accomplish this. Materials used include unsaturated polyesters, DCPD polyesters, epoxies, vinyl esters, phenolics and hybrids thereof. Reinforcements include glassfibre as well as carbon and polyaramid fibre and combinations of these.