Colorants Products


Interplastic has two lines of colorants – standard and high performance. These products are specially formulated for standard unsaturated polyester systems to be used in laminating resins, casting resins, and molding compounds.

Standard Line High Performance Line
B-168-CZZ Black B-1383-CZZ Black
A-627B-CZZ Blue A-766B-CZZ Blue
G-3504-CZZ Green G-745B-CZZ Green
R-234B-CZZ Red R-530B-CZZ Red
A-3643H-CZZ Violet A-530B-CZZ Violet
Y-727B-CZZ Yellow Y-363B-CZZ Yellow
W-110-CZZ White W-1292B-CZZ White


The grinding vehicle and pigments are chosen for their stability and compatibility with minimal effect on cure properties of the unsaturated polyester resins. Interplastic can use the single pigment dispersions to customize any color our customers’ request.

Our high performance colorants are higher viscosity and highly stabilized to be used above and below the waterline.

Our standard lines of colorants have lower viscosity and work well in many different applications. Both colorants lines have excellent batch-to-batch consistency to ensure proper color every time the colorant is manufactured.

Some colorants are available in FDA approvable versions.